I know this is so soon after my last post, but I forgot to add what I did yesterday. Yesterday I went back to the Vatican, primarily to get a newspaper. I started by going inside St. Peter’s Basilica to pray the rosary for Pope Francis I at the tomb of my good friend, Blessed Pope John Paul II. It was very peaceful to pray the rosary at the tomb of, not only a previous pope, but a pope who loved praying the rosary himself.

When I come out of St. Peter’s, I hear a voice coming from the speakers that are around St. Peter’s Square and people gathered in front of the tv screens. I go to look on the closest screen and see that it is Pope Francis I giving his first homily at his first Mass in the Sistine Chapel. I stayed watching for the rest of Mass, even though it was getting dark and cold. When Mass was over, I went to try and get a Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano. They didn’t have anymore, but they said they should have some in the morning. I returned to my apartment a little disappointed.

Today, I once again went back to the Vatican. I know you are thinking I am very obsessed with the Vatican, and I am. It’s where I want to, and hopefully will, work someday. I went to go get a Vatican newspaper from yesterday, which they thankfully had, because it is the issue that came out the day after Pope Francis was elected and it has a big picture of the new Holy Father with the words Habemus Papam over it. I also managed to get some collectors stamps from the Vatican Post Office. One booklet has 2 stamps of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and the other has a Sede Vacante stamp and an Habemus Papam stamp. Maybe these stamps will start a new habit.

Anyway, I am going to take a break from the Vatican tomorrow, but I will be going back on Sunday for Mass at a Church just down the street and to hear the Pope’s first Sunday Angelus. As a final note, I know this may sound random, but on Wednesday I was wearing my Pope John Paul II t-shirt, which coincidentally was the day the new pope was elected. 🙂


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    Oh my gosh!!!!

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